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"Hi! I'm Ian"

"Welcome to NGS, our family owned and operated sustainable seafood business. I am a lifelong commercial fisherman. My wife Lynne is a retired fisheries biologist, and our sons Kingsley and Alistair catch the Tuna and Lingcod that we offer at Natural Gift Seafoods."


"We started Natural Gift Seafoods 20 years ago to bridge the gap between the hands-on commercial fisherman and customers seeking the best quality seafood from a reliable source. Our Tuna and Lingcod are from marine stewardship certified (MSC) fisheries. We are proud of the seafood we provide to discerning restaurants, seafood shops, and private customers."


Fishing Season

"The boys fish Lingcod close to the coast spring and fall, and chase Albacore Tuna in the offshore waters from California to Alaska in late June to early October. It’s a busy life, but a good one. We use hook and line only—handling our fish with all the care and respect that they deserve."

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"Both of the tuna and lingcod fisheries are well-managed, and are closely monitored by the department of fisheries and oceans and MSC, so you can be confident that the fish you serve is from healthy stocks, in a healthy environment. Our focus is on quality, not quantity, and we know you’ll see and taste the difference."

Our Fisheries

"Give me a call if you have any questions about our business or products!"

+1  (250) 954-7780

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